Alexander Cross

Business Agility Coach


A Business Agility Coach in Accenture Business Agility, who has several years’ experience in implementing Agility at Scale at the Enterprise, Portfolio, Program and Team level in several Industries globally including Telecoms, Financial Services and Utilities. He is currently supporting Vodafone with establishing Lean Portfolio Management and implementing SAFe.

Alexander has a First-Class Honours degree in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. He started his career in Software Development & Enterprise Architecture where he grew his passion for connecting the Application, Business, Data and Technical domains of an organisation together to create a customer driven approach to value delivery.

Alexander currently lives in Camden Town, London. He spends time outside work, singing choral music in a choir and tinkering with his own software development projects. His current project is building his own personal cloud server in his broom cupboard.


Talk - LPM @ Vodafone - How to Really Organize Around Value at Scale

Vodafone is moving away from a ‘classic’ telco company to transform into a New Generation Telco, and then a Technology Communications Company (Tech Comms) by 2025.
To achieve this ambition, Vodafone has been on a journey to think more holistically and at scale about Business Agility and value generation. This has led to the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) within Vodafone and the decision to implement Lean Portfolio Management.
During this presentation, we will go into detail about how our team was able to take the Scaled Agile Framework and its practices and apply them to a large global enterprise. We will share the lessons learned and our approach to implementing Lean Portfolio Management to enable value focus across Vodafone sustainably and at scale. We will then review whether we were able to meet all the success criteria we had for the implementation of SAFe, including the impact on end-to-end value delivery.
We will also discuss areas where we decided the SAFe Framework needed further development and explore the ideas we used to build upon and flesh out some of the SAFe concepts.