Tommaso Tesone

Head of Agility, Quality and Process



Tommaso holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a thesis on AI in Supply Chain. He has more than 20 years of international experience acquired in Fortune 500 companies like Toyota and Siemens.


He has strongly contributed to launching the Toyota Manufacturing Plant and Quality office in Russia, drove 80% NCC reduction in Siemens Fire Safety business, and he is leading and implementing Agile Transformation at Siemens Smart Infrastructure.


Tommaso is fascinated by Problem solving, Continuous improvement techniques and Agility.

Talk - Agility vs Scaled Agility: Maximizing Customer Value

Optimize organization throughput by living the minimal level of Agility that provides the highest possible value to our customers. Siemens is re-evaluating which level of agility to use for which product/solution. We focus on killing the Zombie agility to re-invent our way to provide the highest customer value.


We will bring a set of practical examples to help you understand challenges and share various solutions to help you on your way.