Zur Partnerkonferenz Agile Leadership Day

Adrian Zwingli


Adrian Zwingli has extensive entrepreneurial and technological experience. The focus of his activities is on: Digital Disruption and Transformation, modern and agile organizational forms, High Performance Leadership and Entrepreneurship. In addition to his passion as Chairman of SwissQ, Adrian teaches at various universities, technical colleges and executive schools on the topics of digitalisation, leadership and agility. He holds an MBA in General Management and leads the IMD High Performance Leadership Alumni in Zurich. His personal mantra is “Why not now”.

Talk: CEO View on Agile

Sunrise is a major brand in the Swiss telecom market. The company aims to provide a consistently high performance to its customers, whilst pioneering the market with new ideas and embracing the variety of digital opportunities. CEO André Krause will share what this means for daily operations, and how an agile and flexible mindset is crucial for success. He will also look back to the merger between UPC and Sunrise, the cultural shift as well as the operating model that was needed to realize an integration whilst operating highly competitive market environment.


Note, this session will be in German.