Andreas Fahrni

Head Information Technology


Andreas is an experienced senior Information Technology executive having worked in consultancy as well as in corporate business over the last 25+ years. Andreas joined Julius Bär in 2008 after having spent more than 10 years with Accenture in its technology center in France, having been deployed as software delivery lead and system architect to the largest customers throughout Europe. Today at Julius Bär, Andreas is responsible for the global IT organization with the main software delivery and service operation centers in Switzerland, Singapore, and Luxembourg.

Andreas holds a Ms. Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the ETH in Zürich.

Talk - Inspect & Adapt at Scale - Guiding an Agile Transformation Journey

In 2020, Julius Baer embarked on a holistic transformation journey. In this presentation, we will share with you our 4 Moments of Truth and how we adjusted the transformation in an agile way.

Key takeaways:
– The power of a simple & clear vision
– The necessity to put people, culture & leadership at the center
– The importance of understanding the difference between output, outcome & impact
– How aligned autonomy led to more powerful, trust-based collaboration