Anna Wiącek-Kocot

Partner at Deloitte, Technology Strategy & Transformation



Anna Wiącek-Kocot is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience in consulting and IT services for business, especially in designing IT Strategy, setting up and delivery of business and technology transformation programs, with major focus on financial industry. Expertise in tech strategy & portfolio management, architecture and solution design, IT operating model and agile transformations. She advises clients on designing corporate architecture, preparing technological and organizational transformations, and supports them in their implementation.

Talk - Accelerating Product Delivery - Agile Transformation Case Study

How can an agile transformation reduce time to market (by 60%), improve customer satisfaction (by 8.1 NPS points) and increase employee engagement (by 10%)? As a large national financial services data provider serving 25 million citizens and collaborating with 700+ financial institutions, we embarked on an enterprise-wide Agile transformation journey. Our transformation touched every aspect of the organizational activity, from changes in the organizational structure through modification of operational processes and approach to technology development.