Denniz Dönmez

Agile Coach



Denniz has both immense academic and practical experience in agility. He studied agile teams for his PhD at ETH Zurich before becoming a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Having spent more than a decade helping teams and organizations become more agile, Denniz believes the key to success is to establish what he calls “enabling structures.”

Talk - Micro Habits for Effective Teamwork

One of the most successful talks at ALD 2022 was based on the mutual learning model by Roger Schwarz. Since then, we’ve built on the model and made it more complete. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we have incorporated more team research and behavioral patterns.


We’ll build on the work described by Adam Grant, Brene Brown, Stephen Denning, Marshal Rosenberg, Robert Kegan, Christopher Avery, Edgar Schein, and others. The result is a model of 10 behavioral patterns that is just as hands-on as the mutual learning model, yet more exhaustive and much richer. It gives agile leaders a guide to leadership in self-managing teams.