Hans Martin Graf

Head Corporate Products and Operations IT

Hans Martin is a Computer Scientist at heart. His career started in the robotics industry and ultimately led him to the financial services sector. He takes his multicultural stance from working for seven years in Asia. Today he leads a large, agile IT development organisation at Credit Suisse.

Talk - Transforming the Skills & Capabilities Landscape

While methodology and structure provide an accessible and strong rationale for the agile journey, individuals and teams cannot be left alone in navigating a fast-moving and fluid set of development needs. Four areas are relevant:
• Bootcamps and brownbags to embed and propagate the core of the agile approach in business and IT – a strong logic in building “organizational” knowledge
• Reflection tools to mirror agile capabilities for individuals and teams – an empowered, self driven approach to make development a self-driven and shared activity
• Carving out a counselor role to “personify” continuous skills development – creating a dialogue about an individual’s journey independent of delivery pressure and governance
• Moving from role based to multi skilled profiles – Broadening individuals skill requires a new mindset and ubiquitous access to learning journeys and communities of practice