John Brookmyre

Lead Agile Coach, Managing Director Senior Advisor



John’s purpose is to help people do the best work of their careers.


Over the last 20+ years, he has worked across industries and geographies trying to do just that. He is the Lead Agile Coach at Julius Baer, where he is supporting wonderful people #BeBar and create value beyond wealth.

Talk - Life and Crimes of an Agile Coach: Episode 2

After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the ALD community in 2022, John is returning for the second episode of the Life and Crimes of an Agile Coach. In case you missed his session in 2022, you can read the supporting blog posts here.


This session focuses on some of the biggest challenges that John has faced in his 20+ year Agile journey. He’ll cover things like: How do you counter toxic behaviours? How do you create momentum? How do you harness the power of the people for good? How do you maintain confidence in the face of self doubt? How do you build resilience? He aims to do this in a way which gets similar feedback to 2022: Fun, Informative and Actionable.


The target audience is Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters but many of the learnings and techniques will be relevant to anyone who is involved in Agility or Change at Scale.