Michael Brasse

Senior Delivery Director

Michael Brasse has a long-standing passion in applying, teaching and instilling the agile mindset into people and organizations. While most of his past work was with major IT consulting/ service companies he also has experience from software product development and roles within large in-house IT organizations. Michael enjoys working with teams and individuals to continuously improve the ways of working and the business outcome. A special “hobby” of him is it to recognize and overcome borders and misalignments between organizational structures, which also led to a deep interest in DevOps and the related ideas and principles.

Talk - Track+ | Agile Top-Down and Agile Bottom-Up – but how to include the middle?

Top Management supports Agile Methodologies because of the promises of quick reactions to market changes. Implementation teams are fans of Agile Methodologies because of the better understanding of the business problem they solve and the stronger involvement in decision making. But in many cases and organizations there is a layer in between. Often in this layer the introduction of Agile Methodologies leads to dissatisfaction and fear and subsequently disruptive behavior from affected individuals. The talk will present some reasons for the described challenges and discuss ideas and concepts which could be considered to overcome them.