Patricia Kleinle

Agile Transformation



With her background in HR and IT as well as experience in different agile roles, Patricia is passionate about agility, business transformation, digitalization, as well as related change management and organizational development topics. She enjoys empowering teams to acquire an agile mindset and use agile methods to maximize value for their clients and grow as individual and as a team. Currently, Patricia is part of the Agile Transformation Team at Julius Bär, driving agile ways of working aiming at creating value beyond wealth.

Talk - From Project to Product Thinking

Together with being a great tool for bottom-up and top-down alignment, OKRs are a great way to support teams to shift their focus from projects and their output to products and their outcomes for customers.


In this session we’ll demonstrate how we are cascading down Julius Baer’s high-level group strategy to the day-to-day scope of delivery teams, while empowering the teams to independently identify how they can have an impact on Julius Baer’s strategic priorities. We will share the journey of one of our infrastructure teams, an area that traditionally found it hard to relate their daily work to the business outcome.