Ulrich Claessen

Board Member of maxon international


Ulrich Claessen is a Board Member of maxon international and a Board Member of SATW Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences.  He was Chief Technology Officer of the maxon Group for many years. maxon develops and manufactures precision electric motors and drive systems for applications in Medical Devices, Industrial Automation, Robotics, e-Mobility and Aerospace. Ulrich Claessen held engineering positions before with CSEM, ABB Transportation and Siemens.  He has a Ph.D. in physics from Technical University Munich and an Executive MBA from St. Gallen University.

Talk - Explore & Expand in Real Life - How Maxon Masters Innovation

How can a Swiss deep-tech company compete in the global market? By putting innovation at the center of its activities. But how does this work?

The double cone picture «Market Pull – Technology Push» illustrates very well the mechanism of innovation. The goal is for new products and services to reach customers in an agile way. Close collaboration between Sales, R&D and Production is important. Leadership, structure, people and culture play a decisive role in this.