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The Next Stage of Agile Transformations

Continuous evolvement and acceleration – The next stage of agile transformations – What we can learn for the future from 15 major Agile Transformations

While the significant Agile transformations are through, organizations’ ongoing need for change remains. This presentation provides an overview of what we have learned from 15 major Agile Transformations and what companies can do today to prepare for the coming changes. We show practical examples from different industries in which insights are relevant and derive success factors.


Anton Podokschik

Anton Podokschik Anton Podokschik Firma


Anton Podokschik is a Manager at “Accenture Business Agility”. During his career he took on numerous agile roles e.g. Release Train Engineer, Agile Coach, Trainer, or Transformation Leader). Anton is a passionate advocate of agile mindsets and the required organizational culture change.

Alex Ngu

Alex Ngu Alex Ngu Firma


Alex Ngu is an Accenture Business Agility Consultant with experience in transformation and Agile delivery. With a strong focus on transformation processes and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Alex has successfully led teams through agile transformations.