Zur Partnerkonferenz Agile Leadership Day
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Rowing on New Value Streams – Sharing Business Agility Experience With Manor

In this session, we’ll cover the need for change in both organization and culture, the initial value stream setup involving business and IT, the impact of the change (what went well and what was difficult), and the broadening of the change scope with the introduction of more value streams.

Join for key takeaways addressing the need for change, setting up value streams, evaluating the impact, and broadening the change scope. Let’s navigate the challenges and create a positive environment together!


Roberto Fedele

Roberto Fedele Roberto Fedele Firma


Roberto Fedele started working as CIO at Manor at the beginning of 2021. He has many years of strategic and operational experience in the retail sector, related industries and IT consulting. After five years as CIO at SV Group AG, Fedele led the Valora Group’s IT for six years. Roberto Fedele has managed numerous IT platform projects on the company side, supported them in an advisory capacity and implemented company-wide digital transformations in a responsible role.

The Swiss-Italian dual citizen holds a degree in business economics and a master’s degree in business administration from the universities of Bern and Rochester.

Paul Boekhout

Paul Boekhout Paul Boekhout Firma


Passionate about driving change, setting up Agile Transformations, Paul Boekhout is an Enterprise Agile Coach at Xebia-SwissQ. In this role, Paul is designing and supporting the execution of Lean Agile Transformations and Agile Portfolio Management. Currently he is active in various Industrial companies (Hardware, Mechanics, Software), Retail, Building Industry and Energy. Furthermore, he is a Trainer at the Xebia-SwissQ Academy, and an enthusiastic Speaker and Lecturer at Universities.